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Could you imagine a better air? Systems and services for air purification

In the last fifty years we have observed a big increase of atmospheric pollution. The atmospheric pollution is a risk factor for several pathologies, ensured by epidemiological and experimental studies.

The several polluting substances that live in the air have toxic and inflammatory powers on many organs with a risk directly proportional to their concentration. The polluting substances more diffused in the air and the more harmful are: benzene, nitrogen dioxide, IPA (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), heavy metals, carbon oxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, airdispersed dusts PM10, PM2.5, PM1inhalable and breathable.

A strong attention has developed at international level towards the problem of pollution and it has guaranteed during the time, by the use of particular measures like check of emissions and imposition of maximum concentrations allowed, an important reduction of some contaminants in the atmospheric environment.

On the contrary, to a partial restraint of pollution of external environment (outdoor), during the last twenty years the international scientific community, which task is the public health service, has given a greater attention to the pollution that is present in confined environments (indoor).

There are many factors which have increased the indoor pollution, first of all the progressive outsourcing of activities: numerous studies regarding the use of the time from the population side, have shown that on average a citizen of an industrialized country spends more than 89-90% of its own time in confined spaces: home and work environments or inside motor vehicles. The problem is more substantial if we consider that there are some segments of population particularly exposed to atmospheric pollutants; children, aged, asthmatic, bronchitic people, all the persons that live the most of their time in closed environments.

Here are specifically, beyond what we have already said, some of the dispersed syndromes, which are a consequence of air pollution.

A possible solution, which goal is the reduction of pollution in confined environments, is the use of air purification systems with high efficacy of filtration.

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