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Allergies are the result of a hypersensitive reply of the immune system towards strange agents, allergens which can be represented by very different substances like: pollens, dust, spores, moulds, cat and dog’s hairs, foods, medicines, a few materials, acarus, insects.

The respiratory allergic diseases (bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis) are the most frequent forms among all the allergic diseases. Actually, some recent statistic surveys show that they represent al least 75% of all the clinical manifestations with allergic cause and that they’re in strong increase.

The causes, known by now, can be:

  • presence of allergens and harmful substances in the environment
  • changes of immunological reactivity
  • changes of the aspecific reactivity and of the barrier function of the skin and mucous membranes
  • genetic factors
  • environmental factors. For instance, the tobacco smoke can involve the onset of allergies for alterations that it produces damaging the air ways
  • environmental factors. The atmospheric pollution. In urban centres strongly industrialized and also in centres with fog

The allergic disease can be treated removing or reducing the exposition of a person to a responsible substance. A fast intervention permits to affect considerably the progression of the disease or even the manifestation of the allergy; positive results have been verified by interventions done on children.

The removal of the responsible agent can be realized in a complete manner only in some cases and for some allergens like: medicines, foods, dandruff of animals etc...

In the food allergic syndromes, you will provide to exclude accurately from the diet all the products where you can find signs of the responsible substances.

In the respiratory allergies caused by acarus or other environmental allergens, it is not possible the removal of the exposition of the allergic person to responsible allergens. In these cases, in order to strongly reducing the symptomatology, it is advisable to improve the hygienic conditions of the environment (home, office, motor vehicle etc). An important solution is the use of air purification systems with high efficacy of filtration.

OMNITEK proposes air purification systems able to guarantee an efficacy of filtration, proved and certified, over 99%, so we can say that they represent the best solution and the more effective and guaranteed method to reduce the allergens in confined environments.

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