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The hygiene air check in hospital sphere is absolutely necessary and it must be done regularly to increase the security level of the personnel and patients from every kind of risk of microbic contamination.

The hospital environments where it is appropriate to do regular microbic checks are: operating theatre, centres of bone marrow transplant, isolation rooms for immuno-depressed, dialysis compartments, in intensive stations and intensive care, in burns unit.

To verify the risk level of contamination is absolutely necessary the frequent use of measurement system and air sampling subsequently and, on the contrary, to reduce the microbic contamination danger it is opportune to assume control adopting different preventive measures to maintain the air quality in adequate conditions.

OMNITEK can offer sampling and air purification systems according to law:

  • OMNI-SCAN (measurement and sampling systems)
  • CLEAN-ZONE (ceiling modular system of air purification with tested absolute Hepa filters H12/13, according to law EN 1822)
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