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Could you imagine a better air? Systems and services for air purification

Currently there are about 20 OMNITEK air purification systems in commerce with a global efficiency of filtration certified over 99,97%. They’re all the same for their shape and size, but each device is different for its kind of filter and accessories used.

» Find out the application sectors of Omnitek purifiers

This versatility guarantees to Omnitek the possibility to satisfy every request: medicine-sanitary structures, Research Institutes, laboratories of chemical and clinical test, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, restaurants, hotels, gymnasiums, wellness centres, nursing homes, schools, houses, allergic people etc.

Here are the main models:

» Why choosing Omnitek purification system?

All the models that we offer you are extremely compact and light; they have a very low energetic consumption, from 80 to 150 watts, they can have small wheels to be transported from a place to another, or they can be hang on the wall with a suitable our structure, or with accessories to offer different functions.

» How an air purifier is made?

They all have remote control at distance; they also have an electronic panel to observe the filters length and to plan the functioning of the device at time slot and weekly days.

For civil and industrial use, each device is singularly tested to verify the filtering efficacy and the air capacities; moreover it has its own Certificate of Performance which lists the results of the tests related exclusively to that specific device.

Each Omnitek device is an example of development and continuous research, in order to make unique and surely the most evolved and effective air purifier systems that currently exist on the market.


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