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Could you imagine a better air? Systems and services for air purification

Air purification compared to other technological sectors, is still in a premature segment market in Italy. The knowledge of this sector requires a thorough analysis, so we desire to supply some useful information to choose a suitable air purification system which is attuned to one’s own specific demands.

The market offers different kinds of air purifiers, which filtration efficacy can vary a lot; an air purifier can differ for its technical and technological characteristics, for the typology of the filters that are in the system.

When you choose an air purification system which is really able to perform its filtration function, it is necessary to analyse some of the fundamental characteristics to find confirmation about the actual efficacy of filtration that we are going to show you:

  • Treatment, filtration and purification of air equal to 99,97% CERTIFIED AND PROVED
  • Removal from the air of thin dusts of sizes till 0,3/0,1 micron, CERTIFIED AND PROVED
  • Filtering technology with which the allergens, chemical and gas substances still filtrated are not put again in the environment
  • CERTIFIED air flow, with isolation test, tested according to law EN1822
  • Filters with classification EN1822
  • Air intake on the curved base of the device, the maximum distance of the air from the exit blocks the immediate recirculation
  • Air exit at horizontal diffusion, it guarantees a fast treatment and air purification
  • Odourless material of the system, in plastic ABS anti-UV, anti-allergic without emission of chlorine fluorine hydrocarbons
  • Low level of noisiness


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