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Tobacco smoke is considered the most important pollution source of confined areas, for its entity and toxicity of components and for the number of persons who are exposed.

Tobacco smoke, abbreviated as ETS (environmental tobacco smoke), is made up of combustion of different products which derive from tobacco and chemical substances which enrich these products. ETS is made of about 4000 different chemical substances and of polluting particles in a solid, liquid and aeriform state.

The Health World Organization defines tobacco as a psychoactive substance which use can cause mental and attitude disturbs. Not only, about 200 organic compounds have been scientifically defined irritating, toxic and cancerogenous.

Moreover, it is important to point out others factors that determine the ways of emission of tobacco smoke:

  1. big diffusion
  2. Considerable incidence as passive factor that many people can’t escape from

So the removal of tobacco smoking in confined environments represents a challenge for all the air purification systems.

The OMNI-GAS air purification system by OMNITEK is surely the more effective solution currently on the market; it is suitable to tobacco smoke filtration for houses, companies, offices, rooms, etc… It contains 3 independent levels of filtration for the removal of ETS: a certified pre-filter according to strict European rules EN1822, with a very high capacity of filtration, over 99% is able to remove the most of suspended particles of tobacco smoke.

Regarding the aeriform phase and the odours filtration, the OMNI-GAS set has 4 cartridges which contain from 6 to 15 kg of filtrating material active carbon-based soaked with aluminium and mineral silicate.

It is necessary to precise that the OMNI-GAS set by OMNITEK works both with chemical and physics filtrating systems; this modality permits a filtration efficacy definitely higher than any other air purification system existing on the market.

The last filtration stage is characterised by covers charged in electrostatic way which inhale from the gas filtering system the potential residual particles.

In order to remove concentration of tobacco more contained, it is suitable also our OMNI-PARTICELL set, considering that this system works more effectively on air-dispersed particles and it works less on smoke odour because the filter gas-phase has only 3.5 Kg of active coal.


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