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Could you imagine a better air? Systems and services for air purification

The legislative decree n. 626/94 analyses the injurious factors which pollute all the work environments and make the work activity unhealthy. In particular, the law dwells upon the risk factors to which workers are exposed in their offices, pointing out that closed environments are more polluted than the outer ones.

Here are the several polluting sources that are present in the offices:

  • Bacteria colonies, acarus, spores, micro-organisms, above all on moquette, tapestries and deriving from conditioning system, in particular staphylococcus (they cause infections to eyes, throat and skin), the Pseudomonas (causes infections to bladder), the coliforms (that cause gastroenteritis) the legionella.
  • ionized electric charges
  • air coditioning and fluorescent lamps
  • chemical products used for the cleaning of environments that during the time deliver alcoli, cellosive, phenol, v.o.c.
  • some gums, resins and glues used to glue moquette and tapestries can deliver polluting gases for many months after the laying
  • the toluene, solvent contained in some marking pen and inks
  • the formaldehyde contained in construction materials, in furniture, in cleaning products, in disinfectant, in art paper which feeds the photocopier and laser printers
  • heating by radiators or similar ones that reduces drastically the relative humidity of air
  • breathable and invisible suspended particles (dust)
  • mushrooms, diffused in 30% from conditioning systems, like aspergillus, Cladisporium, Penicillum (cause allergic colds, hay fever, asthma), Rhodothurula and Candida (responsibles for mouth, skin and genital organ infections), Microspore and Trichophyta (cause dermatitis, infections to skin, hairs, nails)
  • cigarette smoke
  • ozone 03 delivered by photocopier and laser printers
  • toner dust of photocopier and printers etc...

The lack of control on these environmental conditions is shown by symptoms of general unease called “sick Building syndrome” (ill building syndrome) and with the following possible damages to the health: headache, sleepiness, breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness, infections of respiratory tracts, sense of constriction of thoracic, breathing difficulty, allergies in general, irritating pathologies (tracheitis, bronchitis) of breathing apparatus, pain to eyes, sense dryness, burning and itching.

For all these important reasons the law 626 analyses clearly the risk factors to which employees are exposed because of pollution in the work environment (art. 9 of D.P.R. n. 303/56); so it urges to a total requalification of the air, inviting the companies to use the suitable purification systems.

OMNITEK with its air purification systems and with an absolute primacy for their technology and technical characteristics is able to guarantee a purification efficacy, proved and certified according to strict European laws EN 1822, which is over 99%.

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