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Could you imagine a better air? Systems and services for air purification

The abatement of tobacco smoke in confined environments represents a challenge for every air purifier systems. The OMNI-GAS set by Omnitek is the more effective air purifier against tobacco smoke currently on the market.

It is ideal for all the kinds of environments: houses, offices, companies etc...

What does tobacco smoke consist of? Tobacco smoke, abbreviated as ETS (environmental tobacco smoke), is created by combustion of different products deriving from tobacco and chemical substances which enrich these products. ETS is made up of about 4.000 different chemical substances and of particles of polluting substances at solid, liquid and aeriform state.

ETS has a visible component of millions of smaller particles, visible in the form of smoke. The most of ETS particles are smaller than bacteria, so it is necessary the use of filters for particles highly effective. The ETS particles are made up of a complex variety of chemical substances, to which nicotine, non-volatile hydrocarbon, phenols, acids and heavy metals belong to. Apart from inorganic gases as for example the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, prussic acid, nitrogen dioxide, ETS shows also a large number of volatile and semi-volatile components, for instance benzene, ethane, propylene, toluene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrilaldehyde and acetone. In order to powerfully filter the ETS, an air purifier must be able to remove both particles and aeriform substances.

Regarding the ETS filtration, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics of an air purifier:

  • High efficacy for small particles (particles that are present in tobacco smoke are primarily smaller than bacteria. The average diameter corresponds to about 0,1 micrometers)
  • High capacity of filter; to be more precise, filter with a large area (the particles of ETS can fill the filter very quickly)
  • Filter at gas phase with broad-spectrum (only the active coal is not able to filtrate the quantity of the different chemical components)
  • Big filter at gas phase (the weight of filter is in a direct relation with retention capacity and filtration capacity of aeriform components)
  • Pre-filter with high capacity (it increases the duration and efficacy of the filter at gas phase)
  • Wide capacity of air flow (air environment should circulate several times every hour)

Air purification systems for ETS by Omnitek
The OMNI-GAS set by Omnitek is the more effective system currently on the market, thanks to its tobacco smoke filtration. It contains 3 levels of independent filtration for the ETS removal: a pre-filter for particles with a wide area and a high capacity which is able to remove the most of ETS particles (over 99%) immediately during the first level of filtration. For the aeriform phase and the filtration of tobacco smoke odours, the depuration system has 4 cartridges containing from 6 to 15 Kg of filtrating material containing active coal soaked in aluminium, in order to consent a broad-spectrum of filtration. Differently, compared to traditional filters with active coal, the OMNI-GAS set by Omnitek works with physics filtration systems and chemical ones, in order to remove a superior quantity of odour and gas produced by tobacco smoke and with a higher efficacy of filtration in comparison to whatever other air purification system currently on the market.
The last level of filtration is represented by filtrating covers charged in electrostatic way which remove from the means of gas filtration the potential residual particles. In order to remove contained concentrations of ETS, the OMNI-PARTICELL set is also suitable; even if this system has a bigger capacity of filtration than air dispersed particles and it has a lower capacity on the smoke odour because the filter at gas phase has only 3.5 Kg of active coal.

“The tobacco smoke is a source of gas emissions and polluting particulates. A lighted cigarette emits about 4.700 different molecules of which 400 have been quantitatively characterised. Among these last ones, 43 are considered cancerogenous. These substances, besides being toxics, operate in synergy with others polluters of which they develop their action.”

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