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The dusts analyzer OMNI-SCAN is a tool projected for the continual measurement of the air-dispersed particulate, and it is particularly suitable for findings according to PM10/PM 2,5/PM/1/0,3 micron for the inhalable, thoracic and breathable dusts.

This tool uses the laser methodology which permits to single out in real time without the use of external impattatores all the particles that are present as number and size; therefore it permits to find the relative concentrations as number of particles for litre and as concentration in mass.


  • Powerful laser technology associated to optical glass lens which guarantee the highest resolution
  • Insensitivity to the vibrations
  • It doesn’t need any radioactive source
  • Very high reliability
  • Stability of calibration
  • Wide range of measure in microgrammes/m3
  • Flow of the continuous sample with control of automatic flow
  • Diagnostic system with performances control
  • Values of alarm pre-set up
  • Manual or PC check, including the data acquisition and the packet of analysis
  • Small and light
  • This device has the EN481 certification

OMNI-SCAN - Dust analyzer

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