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Could you imagine a better air? Systems and services for air purification

Air purification systems for those who suffer from MCS must be able to filtrate and hold a broad spectrum of chemical substances. Omnitek offers a product line that in case of MCS can satisfy these and others important conditions.

The multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) involves several organs of our vital system (above all the neurological, immune, respiratory tracts, skin and/or muscles and bones spheres) and it is characterised by different symptoms which are manifested in a chronic way when a person comes into contact with different chemical substances.
What MCS is caused by? Generally this disease is stirred up after an acute chronic contact with toxins. The beginning sensitivity is expanded after many others chemical and irritating substances (ex. pesticide, perfumes and other aromatic products, petrol, food additives, carpets, construction materials, etc.).

In non-industrial work places the frequent presence of a set of products and processes contributes to the manifestation of MCS:

  • Emissions of new covering for floors
  • Kitchens and gas
  • Passive smoke
  • Detergents
  • Paints
  • Pesticides and wood wax
  • Exhaust fumes
  • New materials for construction and covering
  • Chemical substances with toxic effects, which find their application in art sector, photography, press, etc.
  • Paper without coal, ink, printers and toner for laser printers

Symptoms that appear with MCS
Some of the symptoms of MCS are breathlessness, sleep disorders and concentration difficulty, memory loss, hemicrania, nausea, stomachache, chronic tiredness, pain to articulations and to muscles, conjunctivitis, inflammation of mucosa, neck pain, sickness ear or skin diseases. Moreover MCS is accompanied occasionally by hypersensitivity not only to odours but also to noises, clear light, extreme heat and cold and to electromagnetic fields. MCS is manifested more frequently in women than man and it can appear at every age, even if for the most of cases it starts since late puberty till middle age.

The possibilities of treatment of MCS
An important part in treatment MCS consists of avoiding chemical substances that could trigger reactions. Those people who suffer from MCS that can vigorously avoid the contact with the triggering agents of the disease, often notice in one year an incredible improvement of its own health. However, the influence of new synthetic materials and not tested yet,it makes these measures extremely difficult.

MCS and air purification
The most of traditional air purifiers offered nowadays on the market are not suitable for people who suffer from MCS. Often its filters at gas phase and the filters for particles are too small and not sufficiently effective to permit an excellent reduction of harmful substances.

People who suffer from MCS should avoid those products that work with filters with low contents of coal. Only those air purification systems that work with tools of granular filtration are able to offer an effective filtration of aeriform chemical substances.

It would be necessary to avoid coals deriving from nutshell of coconut, since in some persons it can provoke allergies. The coal for itself is not able to remove aeriform chemical substances. On the contrary, active coal is able to filter the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) but not some of the semi-volatile (SVOCs) as formaldehyde or chemical inorganic substances as sulphate hydrogen.

Those air purifiers with both granular active coal and aluminium chemically active have the broader spectrum of filtration. The air purifiers with a combination of granular active coal and zeolite have not this advantage. Zeolite has been commercialized by some producers of air purification just for those people who suffer from MCS. However, it is not scientifically showed yet with any well-grounded papers that the last one is to be preferred to filters of active coal or to other means of filtration for chemical substances.

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