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OMNI Q II is a compact gas detector and it is multifunction; it permits to use from one to four sensors for the combustible testing, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide.

Among the characteristics particularly relevant: batteries with external access (available in rechargeable version or alcaline), body waterproof and an innovative sensor of O2 with long duration. The rechargeable ion lithium battery guarantees till 14 hours of continuous functioning.

OMNI Q II permits to memorize 64.000 points of registration which successively they can be downloaded on any PC compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP.

Main characteristics:

  • Patented oxygen sensor SPE O2™ with exclusive characteristics
  • Design “without lead” is already able to assure the conformity to the future rules RoHS
  • Longer duration compared to electrochemical oxygen sensors
  • The best technology of screening EMI/RFI among the products of the same category, with a total elimination of radio interferences
  • Easy access to sensors, filter and battery space without exposition of electronic components to potential damages
  • Wide graphic display for an easy consultation of the kind and concentration of gas
  • The adapter for alcaline batteries and the rechargeable ion lithium battery guarantee till 14 hours of uninterrupted functioning
  • The armed body is resistant to critical environments: resistant body to water and dust, class IP65- robust design and collisionproof

Supplementary advantages:

  • From one to four interchangeable sensors (combustibles, SPE O2™ oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide)
  • Diffusion modality with pump of optional sampling
  • Intuitive interface with two buttons for the maximum simplicity to use
  • Pushing just one button, the display can be rotated of 180° for a bigger visibility of the belt or holding the tool in one’s hand
  • Multilingual support
  • Calibration with only one button and function of automatic zero setting
  • Acoustic alarm from 95 Db – Visual alarm with flashing red light - Vibration alarm
  • Interchangeable batteries with quick substitution (ion lithium or alcaline)
  • The base of recharge becomes external charge batteries
  • Optional kit for access to narrow spaces
Gas detector Interval Resolution
Oxygen 0 - 30,0 % 0,1 %
Combustibles 0 - 100 % LEL 1 % LEL
Carbon monoxide 0 - 1000 ppm 1 ppm
Hydrogen sulphide 0 - 100 ppm 1 ppm


  • Sizes: 12,5 x 7,2 x 3,8 cm
  • Weight : 350 g
  • Sensors:
    - Pearl catalytic for combustibles
    - Oxygen: SPE O2™ (electrolyte, solid polymerism, no consumable)
    - Toxic gases: electrochemical for CO and H2S
  • Batteries: interchangeable batteries ion lithium and alcaline
  • Duration: till 14 hours of functioning uninterrupted with ion lithium batteries, till 10 hours with alcaline battery (without alarm)
  • Graphic display: 4 lines with automatic LED backlight in case of scarce light or alarm
  • Keyboard: two buttons command
  • Direct reading:
    - Snapshot reading till four sensors
    - Oxygen in volumetric percentage
    - Combustible gases in percentage of low explosiveness limit (LEL), scalable with correction factors
    - Toxic gases in ppm per volume
    - Superior and inferior threshold value for all the gases
    - Battery and voltage of switching off
    - Date, hour, time-expired, temperature
  • Alarms:
    - Acoustic alarm from 95 dB (to 30 cm) and flashing red LED
    - Upper threshold: 3 bips and 3 flashed per second
    - STEL and TWA: 1 bip, vibration 1 flashing / sec
    - Interruption alarms with manual overlap
    - Automatic reset
    - Supplementary diagnostic alarm and notice message of low battery
  • EMI/RFI: high resistance to radio and electromagnetic interferences. In accordance to directive EMC 89/336/EEC +60 V/m supplementary
  • Protection class IP: IP65
  • Data registration: 12 days with intervals of one minute (standard)
  • Calibration: two points calibration (zero and interval)
  • Sampling pump: Optional, external manual pump
  • Certification of dangerous areas:
    - USA and Canada: C1, D1, Groups A, B, C, D, T4
    - Europe: ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIc T3 e T4
    - IECEX: Ex ia d II C T3 e T4 (in progress)
  • Temperatures:
    - from -20 to 50° C for temperature code T4
    - from -20 to 55° C for temperature code T3 (only ATEX and IECEx)
  • Relative humidity: 0% - 95% (without condensate)
  • Accessories: spring clip in stainless steel
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